New Year’s Eve Guide – Cunard Restaurant

NEW YEARS EVE ORDER GUIDE – We are taking pre orders starting today.

It’s that time of the year again! New Year’s eve is our busiest day of the year. We would like to give our facebook fans an order guide to help speed up the cooking time and lessen the wait time.

We would like to first apologize for this really long post but it has every details you need for ordering.

This year we will do something different. We are only doing a very basic menu in order to serve everyone more efficiently. With our experience over the years, serving the full menu on a busy day like this will result in extremely delays with some orders due to the difficulty level and cook time of the dishes and this year we decided we will just cut those dishes out and will serve the very basics that most people order anyways. This will result in much less wait time for the volume we get.  If you really want those specially dishes, you can also order the day before and have it reheated at home for New Year’s Eve.


Every year we are crazy on New Year’s Eve for take outs, so this is how you can help us speed up our orders and lessen your wait time.


The best way to order your take out is call in the day or days before and just let us know what time you want it for on New Year’s Eve. This way we can organized the orders ahead of time and have some pre-work done. If you place the order on New Year’s Eve, we have no time to do the pre-work and will have to do it on order which will result to lose a few minutes per order taken.


As a benefit, we will cook the pre-orders first when we are cooking that time batch. We cook our orders in batches, due to the large amount of people wanting it at the same time. Example, we do not cook the 6 o’clock orders till all the 5 o’clock orders are done.

We can’t guarantee the time on any of the orders because there are so many people that want their food at the same time. We can only offer the best estimated time. We can only do the best of our ability.

If you do not wish to wait for your food at the restaurant during the supper rush, you can also tell the person taking your order to call you when the food is ready.


I recommend having your order ready before 4 pm and after 8 pm. If you are only ordering food to be eaten for much later that you will reheat at home, please let us know and have the food cooked before our rush that day and we will set it aside for you to pick up anytime you want so you do not need to wait.


Our busiest time for take-out is between 5-7:30 pm because we need to service both take-out and dine in orders during this time.

Unfortunately during our busy time, some orders can get mix-up and if anything is missing on your order, please call us back immediately so we can confirm the missing items and we be happy to replace it or we can write you a credit that can be picked up at another time. We can only offer credits if you called back same day so we can reference the order.


We have a New Years buffet from 4 – 9 pm. for $18.99. and $12.99 for kids 9 and under. This year we are only offering buffet to help us speed up the take out orders. There will be no menu ordering.

We are taking reservations this year! So called in early to make your bookings! Please make accurate time and amount of people for the reservation. We will only hold for 15 mins before giving up the table. We will also have plenty of open tables for walk-ins as well, on a first come first serve bases. We are expected to be busy between 4-7pm.

Thank you for your business and hope everyone have a happy New Year!